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Follow these instructions to install TVble.
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Download media server
run the setup from your downloads folder
Download TVble
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Browse online movie sources

TVble is connected to multiple sources such as Rotten Tomatoes, IMDB, NY Times and more. Each source provides a number of title lists: “Top Rental DVDs”, “Most favorites last 90 days”, “Top comedies” etc.

Download a title using torrent search

For each title you can “add title” – which means to start downloading the first torrent with the same name. Or “search title” – which will show you the torrents that are available for the title and you can choose to download the one you want.

Movie recommendations - movielens

TVble comes with full integration to the excellent movie recommendation – - You’re able to vote for titles you find while browsing for movies, as well as titles that are already on your queued. We also provide a host of title lists from movielens based on your profile. For example: “Top Picks for You”.

Manage active downloads titles

For each title/torrent that is already on your TVble Titles list you perform the following actions: Pause & resume download, remove one or all titles, download subtitles for file, add subtitle track or burn subtitles onto the video file.

Open in browser or folder location

For each title on the title list you can open the folder location to vide that downloading files – and start watching them on your local computer using VLC for example. You can also launch TVble web interface which allows you to browse and watch the titles from your browser (or another computer in your home

TVble mobile/web interface

You can access TVble mobile or web interface by browsing to from anywhere on your home network. TVble will redirect to your TVble server/PC and you can browse or watch the titles on your list.

TVble IOS application

TVble provides an IOS DLNA media server that allows you to browse and watch the titles on your title list. This is similar to the web interface but works from your iPhone or iPad.

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